Oliver Wieder studied Biology, Sinology, Watermanagement and Environmental Engineering at the University of Vienna as well as the University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences (Austria). During his studies he had several internships, including at the Institute of Statistics (STAT, BOKU) as well as working at the Institute of Hydrology and Water Management (IHW, BOKU), where he was mainly involved in machine-learning related projects. After he finished his Dipl.-Ing. degree with distinction in 2016, he started working as a software-developer for Inte:Ligand GmbH (Vienna) and worked there till 2018, when he started his PhD in the Cheminformatics Research Group within the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry in collaboration with Laboratoires Servier (France) and Inte:Ligand Gmbh. His main area of research lays in the development of AI guided applications for early drug discovery - in particular graph based deep learning methods for lead optimization.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-wieder-67814154

E-Mail: oliver.wieder@univie.ac.at
Room: 2E 354