After completing his Dipl.-Ing. degree with distinction in 2016, Oliver Wieder began his career as a software developer at Inte:Ligand GmbH (Vienna), where he worked until 2018. He then embarked on his Ph.D. program with the Cheminformatics Research Group at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, in collaboration with Laboratoires Servier (France) and Inte:Ligand GmbH. His primary research area focused on the development of AI-guided applications for early drug discovery, particularly graph-based deep learning methods for lead optimization.

In 2020, he began his work with Biolyz. By mid-2021, he co-founded Biolyz GmbH and served as the CTO until the end of 2022. He then transitioned to the role of Senior AI Engineer, a position he has held ever since.

Oliver successfully completed his Ph.D. program with distinction in April 2022 and subsequently assumed the role of Senior Post-Doc at the Christian-Doppler Laboratory for Molecular Informatics in the Biosciences, collaborating with BASF SE and Boehringer Ingelheim RCV, starting in July 2022.

In addition to his research and entrepreneurial pursuits, Oliver actively contributes to the scientific community by serving as a reviewer for esteemed publications such as Natural Machine Intelligence (Nature), Journal of Cheminformatics, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, and Communications Chemistry. Furthermore, he is involved in teaching activities at the University of Vienna.

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