Verena Battisti is a senior postdoctoral researcher in the Cheminformatics Research Group with strong academic expertise in pharmaceutical sciences and drug development. She obtained her Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Vienna (Austria), specializing in medicinal chemistry and drug development. During her master's program, she conducted research in anticancer pharmaceutical chemistry by designing and synthesizing Calothrixin analogues and graduated with distinction. Verena's passion for drug discovery and optimization led her to pursue a PhD in medicinal chemistry and drug development at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Vienna (Austria), where she focused on computational drug design and lead optimization of antiviral drugs.


Her research contributions earned her prestigious grants, including the International Society of Antiviral Research Grant. Verena also received scholarships such as doc:muv and NaturTalente, recognizing her potential as a promising young researcher in science. Throughout her academic journey, she consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, evident from the performance scholarships awarded by the University of Zurich and the Embassy Junior Centre in Cambridge. Verena’s research focus lies in critical key steps of developing a potential new drug, encompassing hit identification, molecular design, synthesis, lead optimization, and crucial in vitro and in vivo assays in drug discovery.




Room: 2E 359