The PhD project of Clara van Hoey is a part of the European Training Network ANTIVIRALS aiming to develop new antiviral drug candidates. Her tasks consist of the identification of non-nucleoside inhibitors of enteroviruses by combining computer-aided design techniques and the synthesis and biological evaluation of novel bioactive compounds.  For her PhD thesis, she was a visiting PhD student at Utrecht University (Netherlands) in the Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases (Prof. Frank van Kuppeveld), and at the medicinal chemistry company Prestwick Chemical (France). Clara studied Pharmacy and graduated with a joint master's degree in "Drug Design and Production" with honours from the University of Strasbourg (France). Throughout her pharmacy studies, Clara worked both at community pharmacies and at the Strasbourg University Hospital. She also gained multiple experiences in academic labs and at biotech companies in Strasbourg, ranging from cheminformatics to pharmacology. Before joining Prof. Langer group at the University of Vienna, she was a trainee in Medicinal Chemistry at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Basel (Switzerland).


Room: 2E 354
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