Nedra Mekni, MSc

Nedra Mekni is a PhD student in computational chemistry at the University of Vienna, where she is part of the Chemoinformatic research group. She received her master's degree in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of Milan, where she worked on designing and synthesizing peptidomimetics as protein-protein interaction inhibitors. In addition to her PhD studies, Mekni is also a scientist at the Fondazione Ri.MED, where she is part of a multidisciplinary drug discovery team and is responsible for selecting and optimizing hit compounds Nedra Mekni is dedicated to the creation of predictive models for compound prioritization in drug discovery and drug development projects. She has a particular focus on using machine learning and deep learning models for graph representation learning, as well as utilizing dynamic simulation and relative free energy calculation to evaluate binding behavior and binding affinity. Her current major project is centered on the NLRP3 inflammasome, with the aim of understanding its activation mechanism and finding new potential inhibitors.

Room: 2E 354