Evmorfia Dalietou

Evmorfia Vasiliki Dalietou, born in Athens in 1996. She is a student of Pharmacy at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. She received training in Prof. Emmanuel Mikros’ Biomolecular Spectroscopy & Computational Drug Design Group at the University of Athens. She is currently studying for her Diploma Thesis in Pharmacy at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, University of Vienna, in Computer Aided Molecular Design/Drug Design, as an ERASMUS+ student. The Diploma Thesis work is conducted under Prof. T. Langer’s and Mag. V. Battisti’s supervision, and focuses on pharmacophores and pharmacophore searches for modelling, designing and synthesising novel small molecule antivirals against the Chikungunya Virus. She has conducted six months of supervised work in a community pharmacy, and she has been selected to receive a grant from the Partnership Agreement for the Development Framework for three months of supervised work in the Aretaieio University Hospital. After graduation, she would like to continue her studies in the field of Computer Aided Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry. She speaks English, French, and Greek fluently and has a good working knowledge of German.


E-Mail: eva_dalietos@outlook.com
Room: 2E 357